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Lilli’s work as a director stems from an eye for uniting ensembles through physical collaboration as a means of unlocking character, relationship and text. Her direction has been described as deeply specific, imaginative, playful, dynamic and transformative.

The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, Earthstone Theatre Company 2020

“I’ve never been as proud of a show as when I was working with Lilli on The Wolves. She is disciplined and knows exactly how to connect with her actors to achieve their potential through a variety of techniques, (character work, viewpoints, etc). She sees them not only for who they are, but for their potential and the unique life experiences they bring to their character(s). Her directing brings fresh perspective and clarity to the stories she tells, leaving audiences and her actors, pondering the nuances of intersectionality, the human condition, and art.”

- Emma X. O'Loughlin, Actor

Pictured left to right; Emma X. O'Loughlin and Victoria Biro

“Working with Lilli Jacobs is a dream. Having choreographed alongside her poignant direction on Dance Nation, I know firsthand that she is a fantastic and creative leader who excels at bringing the best out of the people she works with. She is a powerful artist who gives her actors the agency to create beautiful, collaborative art. I always look forward to our next project together.”

- Jackson Grove, Actor/Choreographer

Dance Nation by Clare Barron, Earthstone Theatre Company 2020


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In addition to her work as a director, Lilli is passionate about helping young artists develop their skills and reach their full potential. She currently coaches students privately and teaches group masterclasses, as well as intensive style teaching in acting the song, monologue and scene work, movement, voice for young singers, ballet and musical theatre dance, choreography, and audition prep.


Get in touch for a full teaching resume and any coaching inquiries!

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